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Hex Geometry

The core of the Foreverbed Origin is the commercial-grade 1,030 coil Honeycomb innerspring. Traditional innersprings are made in rows and columns. Arranged in a hexagon pattern, Honeycomb leave no gaps, offering much greater support and pressure relief. The standard height of a mattress coil is 8". Honeycomb coils have an industry leading six turns over those 8", and are electronically tempered for lasting strength and durability. Why are coils the best core support in a mattress over air or foam? Coils replace air within your mattress as you move around the surface, keeping you at a comfortable sleeping temperature.


Comfort Layers - Serene Foam

The Felicity Origin is the Goldilocks mattress. It has the perfect balance of support and comfort. A major part of why this mattress is so comfortable is Serene foam. erene is made by Carpenter, the world's largest producer of comfort foam products. Serene is like memory foam, except better in every way possible. For starters, Serene doesn't get hot. It's not because gel or from some added phase change material. Serene is engineered better than memory foam and addresses this issue at within the cell structure. Each cell of Serene replaces air within the cell as you move over the surface so your body heat does not build in the foam. That's smart, but this is just one advantage of Serene over memory foam. Memory foam gets hard with cold temperatures, which greatly changes the way your mattress can feel. Serene is designed to stay the same no matter what temperature you keep your bedroom. Lastly, why get memory foam in the first place? Pressure relief. How does Serene perform? It is four times more pressure relieving than memory foam.


Comfort Layers - NanoCoils

Do you know how often a body impression in a mattress is caused by a coil innerspring? Almost never. Body impressions are caused by low density polyurethane foam - the most widely used comfort material in the mattress industry. Leggett & Platt, the world's largest mattress component manufacturer, created a comfort layer than would stand the test of time - the NanoCoil. NanoCoils are micro-coils less than 1.25" tall. They are used in place of poly foam in the Felicity Origin to create enhanced durability, better air circulation, and responsive comfort. 


Comfort Layers - Graphite Talalay Latex

Talalay latex is the gold standard for mattress materials because it accomplishes everything needed for great sleep. Latex foam is allergy-free, temperature regulating, extremely durable, and naturally antimicrobial. The Talalay manufacturing process ensures exceptional and consistent quality. Graphite is added to absorb body heat for nearly perfect thermal performance.


Comfort Layers - Alpaca Fleece

Alpaca fleece has a softness like no other natural fiber and was once known as the "fiber of the gods". The Happiness Origin features several layers of alpaca fleece as the top layers in each mattress. In addition to being extremely soft, alpaca fleece is also breathable, hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, and chemical free - making for the perfect material to be closest to your body.


Silver Infused Fabric

Foreverbed Origin features a silver fiber lining just under the fabric on the top and sides of the mattress. Silver is anti-bacterial, which keeps your mattress clean, hygienic, and mildew-free. Fiber pulls moisture away from your body and lets it quickly evaporate, ensuring you sleep cool and dry.


Button Tufting

Each button tuft is comprised of a rosette, ribbon, and a bottom felt washer. They are inserted under tension and spaced equally throughout an Origin mattress. These tufts keep materials in place. Restless partners won't disturb your sleep with traditional button tufting. You won't roll together in the center of the mattress either.

Felicity | Foreverbed Origin

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$4,179.99Sale Price
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