• Best for Back or Stomach Sleepers
  • Low Loft Pillow
  • Ventilated for Airflow
  • Silky Soft Tencel™ Cover

Memory Foam Pillow

$149.99 Regular Price
$49.50Sale Price
  • The Memory Foam Pillow is a thinner, low loft pillow perfect for back or stomach sleepers. Uniquely designed to prevent sleeping hot while dissipating heat for a refreshing sleep experience. Our ventilated design uses a variety of different sized holes to create the perfect blend of airflow for breathable comfort. Our exclusive memory foam formula is soft, yet responsive with exceptional support and has a faster recovery time than typical memory foam. A layer of Tencel™ botanical fiber covers the Memory Foam Pillow for an extremely effective moisture control fabric that is also environmentally friendly.

    • Best for Back or Stomach Sleepers
    • Regulates Temperature
    • Silky Soft Tencel™ Cover
    • Employs zoned technology design for the perfect balance of comfort and support
    • Infused with temperature-regulating gel that cools while you sleep for optimal comfort
    • The perfect balance of comfort and support, this pillow relieves pressure points so you wake up rested