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Prodigy™ LBR is a feature-rich adjustable base designed to provide the ultimate solution for comfort day and night. This base gives you total control for personalized comfort with innovative technologies such as our updated lumbar support and fully adjustable pillow tilt. Use the capacitive-touch wireless remote or free Bluetooth app to find the most comfortable position effortlessly. Anti-snore and zero gravity positions are reprogrammable, and two custom settings easily recall your favorite positions. This base also features Wallhugger® technology, so nightstands and devices always stay within reach. USB charging ports provide added convenience, while under-bed lighting gives you safety and ambiance. Prodigy LBR supports your body and mind so you can experience ultimate comfort whether you're working in bed or getting a great night's sleep.





• WhisperQuiet 850 pound rated DC Lift Motors – The quietest and highest quality lift motors in the industry.

• WallHugger™ Engineering – This means the entire bed slides rearwards as the head is raised, staying close to the wall or headboard. Without this feature, your bedside table wouldn’t be useable since it would be behind you when the head section is raised. Most people have items they need on the nightstand. Items like remote controls, reading glasses, books, magazines, medicines, or a glass of water.

• Dual Massage Motors – Head and Foot with Wave Action.

• Six Total Programmable Memory Positions – Two programmable positions on the remote with four additional available on the Apple or Android App. You can assign a position for watching TV, reading, zero-gravity, napping…etc…

• Capacitive Touch Backlit Remote – Easy to clean smooth touchscreen surface is like using your smartphone screen. Just touch to make a selection. No more buttons!

• Four Port USB Hubs – Located on each side of the bed. Plug in your smartphone or tablet and charge them while you’re using them in the ultimate comfort the Prodigy 2.0 is providing. Two of the ports are the “regular” USB Type-A Ports that have been used for years. Two are the newer USB Type C that are appearing on more and more devices.

• Sleep Timer – Allows you to fall asleep in an elevated position and have the Prodigy 2.0 ease you into the sleeping position 30 or 60 minutes later. Fall asleep in ANY position and know you’ll wake up in a sleeping position.

• Gentle Wake Alarm – Allows you to have the massage motor on your side of the bed gently wake you without disturbing your partner. This is a great feature for those who need to rise early or maybe take medicine at specific times that aren’t convenient to your partner.

• Emergency Power Down – Feature allows you to return the Prodigy 2.0 to the fully flat position in the event of a power interruption.

• Pillow Tilt – Articulation to precisely adjust the angle of your neck for pain relief, sleeping, watching TV or reading a book.

• Zero Clearance Foundation – Compatible With Most Platform Beds.

Prodigy LBR | Leggett & Platt

  • Croft American-Made MattressesTM accepts returns/exchanges on unopened pillows, sheets, bed frames, and mattress protectors within 30 days of purchase. Returns are for store credit only for the purchase price of the returned item. 

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