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Experience FOREVERBED™ by immersing yourself in total relaxation while you reconnect mind and spirit with the ultimate in comfort.  Crafted with the highest standards, FOREVERBED™ features a Lifetime Warranty.


At Springfield Mattress, our beds feature AlphaSan fiber for clean, hypoallergenic sleep.  Every aspect of the construction of our mattresses is built to a higher standard than industry norms, including the use of Kevlar thread to sew everything together. 


Not all pocketed coils are created equal.  FOREVERBED™ mattresses use electronically tempered coils for increased resilience and durability.

Prosperity Hybrid | FOREVERBED™

$4,400.00 Regular Price
$3,400.00Sale Price
  • The Prosperity Hybrid FOREVERBED™ has recently become our best selling mattress.  It was created as a plush alternative to our very popular Swearingen model, the original hybrid mattress.  


    Memory foam mattresses are excellent for pressure relief, but are notorious for being hot and the sensation of being stuck in sinking foam.  By placing a pocketed coil innerspring inside a memory foam mattress, both of these major issues are resolved.  


    The Prosperity Hybrid FOREVERBED™ features ultra supportive zoned nested pocketed coils, over 2,000 nano pocketed coils for plush comfort that will last.  Feel thousands of tiny, spring coils that contour your body for personalized comfort and support, while offering maximum durability.  Pairing these nano coils with a zoned, nested innerspring coil provides a honeycomb support system.   This sophisticated support provides  pressure-relief where you want it most and cradles your sleep all night long.


    How is your cashmere?  Wool is a very misunderstood material, earning a poor reputation for being hot.  In fact, wool is extremely breathable, making it warm in the cooler months, but cool in the warmer months.  Beyond providing exceptional thermal comfort, wool is allergy free, moisture resistant, naturally static and flame resistant.  FOREVERBED™ features only the best wool, Joma Wool, with cashmere for added comfort and undisturbed sleep.


    FOREVERBED™ mattresses feature a Lifetime Warranty.


    Foundation sold separately.


  • At any time within the warranty period you are not completely satisfied with the comfort level of your mattress, we will gladly make the necessary modifications needed to make you more comfortable.  Minor modifications are free of charge which include exchanging the density of polyurethane layers of your mattress to make your mattress firmer or softer, while major modifications such as changing/adding innerspring systems and/or specialty foams are chargeable services. A 30-day window is required before or between any modification to exclude the possibility of dissatisfaction being temporary while adjusting to the new mattress. All modifications are made at our factory in Joplin, MO and require an appointment which can be made online.  Transportation and any applicable taxes of any comfort modifications or exchanges is the sole responsibility of the customer.