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  • What is the best mattress?
    This is a question we get all of the time! Contrary to popular belief, there is no one size fits all mattress. We are all built differently and have varying needs. The Dream Team at Springfield Mattress is highly experienced to tailor fit you with the perfect mattress. Sleep guru's? Maybe. You can check out all of our five star reviews on Google, Yelp, GoodBed, BBB, and Facebook or come by and see for yourself.
  • Do you offer financing?
    Yes! Springfield Mattress has a wide variety of interest free financing options, ranging from 90 days to 60 months. We even have no credit check plans available.
  • Do you stock mattresses at your stores?
    We do! All of our stores carry a good selection of promotional to mid-range mattresses for anyone needing a mattress right away. However, our best mattresses are made to order and take approximately one week to build.
  • Do you offer delivery?
    Yes, Springfield Mattress has partnered with local delivery services to provide reliable and professional delivery options. Delivery includes setup of purchased items. Connecting an existing headboard or assembly of items not purchased at Joplimo Mattress are not included with our delivery prices, but might be possible for an additiinal charge. Removal of your old mattress set is not included with our delivery service. Local shelters and churches are great resources to donate your old mattress. If you need more suggestions, please contact your local Joplimo Mattress store. Springfield Mattress also offers national delivery for anyone that lives outside of our local markets through a wide network of LTL delivery companies. National delivery is limited to delivery only, as setup is not included.
  • Can I use my existing foundation and/or bed frame?
    Your new mattress will only be as supportive as the foundation and/or frame you place it on. It is recommended that you purchase a new foundaiton and frame when you purchase a new mattress to ensure proper support and maximum durability.
  • Do you offer exchanges?
    Typical mattress exchange programs are one-time exchanges, leaving you rolling the dice on whether or not the next mattress will be better than the first. At Springfield Mattress you will never be stuck with a mattress that doesn't fit your needs. Our mattresses are backed with a Lifetime Comfort Guarantee. At any time during the product warranty, you can have your mattress modified to be firmer or softer free of charge.
  • Do you sell headboards and other sleep accessories?
    Absolutely! Springfield Mattress has an excellent selection of pillows, sheets, mattress covers, and headboards.
  • Is it normal to feel sore sleeping on my new mattress?
    The unforunate truth is that it can take a few weeks to adjust to a new mattress. Like a new pair of shoes, it takes a little use to break in a new mattress. The higher the quality, the longer the break in period. Afterwards, you will experience the true comfort and support of your new mattress - which will likely provide an exceptional night's rest.
  • Do I have a warranty issue with my mattress?
    The first sight of what looks like wear in a brand new mattress can be alarming. Rest assured that those initial body impressions found in new mattresses are normal and a sign that the foams and fibers beneath you are breaking in. Simply rotating your mattress end to end will ensure that the entire surface breaks in evenly, which will make those initial impressions disappear. If you stay on a schedule of rotating your mattress every couple of months, you will have a smooth, flat surface for years to come.
  • Does your company support local charities?
    Springfield Mattress has been supporting friends, neighbors, and the community that has supported them since it began in 1957.
  • What is the difference in mattress sizes?
    Springfield Mattress makes mattresses in just about any size or shape you could imagine. Since our mattresses are handcrafted, please allow for up to an inch less in any direction for the following sizes: Twin - 38" x 75" Twin XL - 38" x 80" Full - 53" x 75" Queen - 60" x 80" King - 76" x 80" Cal King - 72" x 83" Split King - 38" x 80" each side Split Queen - 30" x 80" each side Split Cal King - 36" x 83" each side If you have a custom size or shape that needs to be made, please provide a template or a sketch at the time of order. It is normal for foundations, box springs, and adjustable beds to be built slightly smaller than these sizes so that they fit properly in a bed frame. Foundations are available in 9", 5.5", and 2" profiles to help manage the overall height of a mattress set.
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