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"Is Alpaca Fleece the Ultimate Mattress Material? Exploring the Pros and Cons"

With all the new age contraptions that are available in mattresses, we have a different philosophy. Build it once. Build it right. Be done. Our foams process was invented in 1937. It uses tree milk from a rubber tree. It is so light and lofty, there is no better mattress foam on Earth. It sleeps cool and comfortable and outlasts most other foams by 10 times. This is why we use Talalay Latex. It is not a decision based in a trendy eco friendly fad but one based in the simple fact that natural materials are superior in every way.

alpaca fleece mattress material

Our Origin Mattresses will have alpaca fleece as the top comfort layer. It is hollow like horse hair but softer than cashmere. There is not a finer material for bedding.


  • Softer than Horse Hair - Not Prickly

  • Hypoallergenic - Free of Lanolin

  • Fire Resistant - All Natural, No Chemicals

  • Highly Water Resistant and It Is a Wick

  • Very fast Drying Time

  • Very Breathable

  • Dust Mite Resistant, Again All Natural

  • Odor Resistant

  • Naturally Antibacterial

  • Naturally Antistatic (If you have allergies this is a big deal)

  • Known for its Superior Temperature Regulation (not too hot or cold, just right)

  • Free of Harsh Chemicals or Dyes

  • Bio-degradable

  • Almost no fiber memory

Alpaca compared to merino wool or cashmere, the alpaca outperforms the others in every category.

The Cons of Alpaca are Only One, Cost!

For most business models they need much larger mark up than we do. We have brought an amazing alpaca fleece bed to market for a fraction of what our competition charges.

No obligation of any kind, just book a time to explore the deep cushion of alpaca fleece. 100% Free to explore which option is your perfect fit.

Or go shopping right now:

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