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One Mattress Does Not Fit All

We know a lot about sleep and are committed to mattress shopping being easy and informative. We invest highly into the quality of the products in each of our mattresses and are not willing to waste our time on shoddy mattress construction with cheap foams that sleep hot or wear out quickly. In fact, all our foams are CertiPUR which is a US certification that gives you peace of mind and lessens any off gassing or chemicals that would be in less expensive foams. We build our beds to a higher standard because we are committed to you sleeping better...for life. Our goal is that you would never need to replace your mattress. Landfills are full of poor quality, cheap mattresses; we will not be adding to that pile! Our lifetime comfort guarantee will adjust the comfort of your mattress anytime during your mattress warranty. Since 1957, right here in Springfield, MO, we have been building beds. Springfield Mattress offers 2 retail locations at 2851 S Campbell Rd. and 1400 S. Glenstone Ave. Shop online or in store.

Thank you to 417 BIZ for interviewing our Owner, Brian Croft. Read the full article, here.

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