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Pillows For Sleep Posture

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

Sleep is important. How well we are sleeping is affected by comfort. If you are waking up because you are tossing and turning, sleeping hot or your partner is snoring; you are not alone. These can be alleviated by proper alignment of your spine during sleep. Your pillow could be too thick or too thin to achieve proper spine alignment. Your mattress could be too soft or too hard to achieve proper spine alignment. The goal is correct spine alignment during your night where a network of nerves are connected to the vertebrae of your spine. Our Sleep Consultants can help you find your perfect comfort.

Through a series of easy questions about your sleep, your spine can be properly aligned all night. Alleviate tossing and turning from pressure relief on your shoulder and hips. Alleviate sleeping hot with one of our cooling pillow options. Alleviate your partner's snoring with one of our thinner pillow options. Too thick of a pillow could be causing the air passage to be restricted and noisy snoring can be alleviated. Your overall health can be impacted by correct sleep posture. We can help. Visit our 2 locations in Springfield on Glenstone and Campbell to be comfort fit for your best sleep. #SleepSince1957 #SleepSpringfield

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