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Lasting Support

Individually pocketed coils contour  to your unique shape and size, for a perfect balance of support and comfort. Innerspring mattresses sleep cooler than foam mattresses because air within your mattress is replaced as you move around the surface, keeping you at a comfortable sleeping temperature.


Comfort Layers - Serene Foam

Memory foam has obvious disadvantages. For starters, it gets harder when subjected to cold. Serene stay the same plush feel no matter the temperature of your bedroom. Even the highest quality gel memory foams sleep hotter than basic upholstery foam. Serene has a cell structure that replaces air within the cell as you move over the surface so your body heat does not build in the foam. The biggest benefit of memory foam is pressure relief, which Serene outperforms 4:1.


Bamboo Performance Fabric

Rested Hauler features bamboo performance fabric at the surface of the mattress that keeps you cool and dry while stretching in all the right places to reduce pressue on your hips and shoulders for maximum comfort.

Rested Hauler Truck Mattress

  • Rested Hauler is built to last and features a 10 year non-prorated warranty. 

    Every raw material that goes into our mattresses are of exceptional quality and sourced in the North America. Our innersprings are made in Missouri, foam poured in Oklahoma, wood grown in Canada, and fabrics woven in North Carolina. We take great pride in doing things the old fashioned way, crafting our mattresses from scratch - cutting, sewing, and fabricating everything by hand. 

    Our products are warrantied to be free of defects in material and craftsmanship under normal and reasonable use for 10 years from the date the mattress was manufactured. This lifetime warranty covers foam or innerspring compression greater than 1.5", delaminated innersprings or foam edge support, and all other components from manufacturing, workmanship or materials defects.

    Damage resulting from failing to rotate your mattress every 1-2 months, or any other misuse is not covered. This warranty is in addition to and does not affect your statutory rights which may apply.  This is a product replacement warranty.  Replacement will be of a similar product if the original product has been discontinued. Shipping is not covered under this warranty and is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Stains of any kind void this warranty. Due to the handmade nature of our products, there may be slight variations in size and finish.

  • Truck mattresses have always been awful. Rested Hauler changes everything.

    Rested Hauler takes the comfort of a premium home mattress and combines it with technology to make it ultra durable for use in a semi-truck. What is the difference? Home mattresses aren't built to be sat on like your mattress in your truck. Rested Hauler has a premium edge-to-edge innerspring with reinforced edges designed to be used for sitting or sleeping.

    Pocketed coils and Serene memory foam come together for an extremely comfortable mattress. The days of sore backs, hips and shoulders are over with a Rested Hauler Truck Mattress.

    You'll sleep so good on the road that you'll be in touch with us for one for your home. The good news is that we make it for home use as well!

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