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Crafting Beds in Springfield for 60 Years

Sixty years of great quality and service does not require large expense, but it does require the network of a good community. For Springfield Mattress, that network is Springfield, MO. Humble roots began on Commercial Ave in the factory, now converted into the Culture Boutique Hotel and Eurasia Coffee Co. You will find dated articles hanging on the wall, paying homage to the former Springfield Mattress factory. The John Reynolds family opened the factory in 1957 and offered factory direct pricing with large windows at the front of the factory lined with mattresses.

Springfiled Mattress, 60 years later, continues to cut out the middle man by building their own mattresses. Quality and word of mouth does all the advertising they need. Prices on queen size mattress sets start as low as $300. Store Manager, Josh Vaughn, "We have been building our own mattresses since 1957, in Springfield, MO. Our goal is to provide quality sleep products at any budget, experienced sleep consultation to make your shopping experience fun, educational and relaxing; and we provide 100% satisfaction with outstanding customer service." "We are excited to keep the tradition of Springfield Mattress and offer the community an alternative with our handcrafted mattresses" says Springfield Mattress owner, Brian Croft. "Our customers truly appreciate a product that is not only made in the USA, but made right here in the Ozarks" adds Ryan Byars, Area Manager, Springfield Mattress.

With the factory in Joplin, MO, quality is controlled and a true handcrafted mattress is possible. Lifetime comfort modifications are free of charge! What does this mean? You don’t ever have to be stuck with a mattress you find uncomfortable. Your mattress can be sent back to the factory and reworked to be firmer or softer – as many times you would like and completely free of charge during the life of your mattress. Comfort needs may change over time and if you own a Springfield Mattress, you don't have to send it to growing landfill, it can be refreshed and the comfort changed to fit your new style.

Springfield Mattress is located 2851 S Campbell Rd. and a second location at1400 S. Glenstone Ave.

Springfield Mattress is a retailer of handcrafted mattresses and specialty sleep products. For more information and images, please visit

Springfield Mattress features mattresses that are made local, in the Ozarks. Crafted and engineered by owner of the company, Brian Croft. Croft leveraged his engineering background to build mattresses that are not only extremely comfortable, but also built to last. “I find opportunities to develop better products and found the mattress industry had its unique problem to solve. As we continually learn more about quality sleep, a mattress should be built to meet he sleeper’s specific comfort and support needs. Typically that need is softer and more conforming. The softer and more conforming materials however, create quick forming body impressions leaving the sleeper uncomfortable. I made it a personal mission to solve this issue using advanced design and cutting-edge materials.” The majority of the mattresses at Springfield Mattress are expected to last a lifetime. “The anti-microbial materials in every Springfield Mattress combined with the protection of a mattress cover keep each Springfield Mattress clean and hygienic for the mattress’ lifespan” says Croft. He added, “mattresses are not meant to be disposable products.”

Springfield Mattress had fell on some hard times during the 2009 recession and didn't quite recover until new owner Brian Croft implemented his entrepreneurial strategy of product, process and people. "First the quality of the product has to be unique and exceptional, next the to business must follow a measurable process, last all team members must be outstanding" says Croft. A remodel inside the stores to follow Croft's strategy. The logo was updated, colors were modernized and an updated urban craft design.

GIVING BACK: “This company is a personal ministry in memory of my brother, giving a percentage of all proceeds to local

charities” comments Croft. Growing up, Croft's brother dealt with bi-polar. Throughout their young life, overnight counseling facilities were not always available for Croft's brother because a bed was not open. Croft has made beds his mission.

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