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Custom Mattress Manufacturer

Serving Springfield MO since 1957

We are proud to manufacture any custom mattress you desire. You are not limited with our brand. Our custom mattresses do not usually cost much more because we make every mattress custom to order. A $60 fee is our standard fee for most requests.


Custom Mattresses

  • RV Mattress:

    • Short queen

    • Short king

    • RV fold out mattress

    • Luxury RV mattresses

    • Basic RV mattresses

  • Boat Mattresses

    • All custom boat sizes available

    • Bring your old mattress as a template

  • Semi-Truck Mattresses

    • All standard semi truck mattresses

    • Any mattress made for your truck

    • Luxury to basic

  • Horse Trailer Mattresses

  • Basketball Court Sized Mattress

  • Round Mattresses

  • Alaskan King Mattresses

  • Any Mattress in Any Custom Size

  • All the Mattresses - Yes, we do that.

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