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Transition Home With New Mattresses

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Sixty years of great quality and service does not require large expense, but it does require the network of a good community.

For Springfield Mattress, that network is Springfield, MO. Humble roots began on Commercial Ave. Today, Springfield Mattress and The Rebound Foundation teamed up for mattress donations to the #MardasHouse. This will be a place of healing, growth and success for women and children who are transitioning from sheltered living to a permanent home environment. The Rebound Foundation is an organization that raises funds and awareness for renewal and restoration to courageous women in recovery from domestic abuse. The Rebound Foundation’s first home in Springfield, MO housed single women and could accommodate up to 3 women at a time. The Rebound Foundation's second home is built for a mother with multiple children, spanning all different ages. These two homes are on the Northwest side of Springfield, MO and are located near each other. To receive housing, a referral or application can be sent through The Harmony House,

"Women who experience abuse have been controlled to the point that they are starting over. Usually with nothing. They don’t have the best credit scores or rental history or unable to qualify for other options. The result of getting away is to either deal with homelessness or stay in the abuse", states, Christina Ford, President of The Rebound Foundation. Ford's personal experience with domestic violence led her to give back to the community. Through research and vision, Ford was led to provide homes for women. Ford found housing to be the largest gap in the recovery process. Ford began The Rebound Foundation in Illinois. After relocating to, Springfield, MO she found the community of Springfield, MO to be a place where everyone comes together to help the community. "So much support and donations have come from the Springfield Community" says, Ford.

“It is a privilege to help and support our local families in need” comments Josh Vaughn, Store Manager of Springfield Mattress, at located 2851 S Campbell Rd. A second location is also found at 1400 S. Glenstone Ave.

Springfield Mattress features mattresses that are made locally in Springfield, MO. Crafted and engineered by owner of the company, Brian Croft. Croft leveraged his engineering background to build mattresses that are not only extremely comfortable, but also built to last. “I find opportunities to develop better products and found the mattress industry had its unique problem to solve. As we continually learn more about quality sleep, a mattress should be built to meet the sleeper’s specific comfort and support needs”.

"This company is a personal ministry in memory of my brother, giving a percentage of all proceeds to local charities” comments Croft. Growing up, Croft's brother struggled with bi-polar. Throughout their young life, overnight counseling facilities were not always available for Croft's brother because a bed was not open. Croft has made beds his mission to help others dream free. #sleepspringfield #sleepsince1957

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1 Comment

Thanks Allan for making our shopping experience a good one. We were greeted when we walked in, all our questions were answered and we did not feel rushed. We did purchase a mattress and are very happy. I would definitely recommend your store.

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